Possessions at home are composed by 14 materials; newspaper, magazine, radio, TV, ver., cassette, telephone, fridge, car, motorcycle, bicycle, water, electricity, table. Home materials are divided into 4 materials: wall, floor, roof, and source of lighting. The max is 12.
Parent’s education is a sum of mother’s education and father’s education. Both mother and father education range from 1to 6 (1, if a person does not go to school, 2, if they go for some primary, 3, if they go for all primary, 4, if they go for some secondary, 5, if they go for all secondary, and 6, if they go for post secondary). The maximum is 12.

This indicator has been used in a study by Kentaro Shimada on student achievement and social stratification Kenya (2010).

Value Range

SES is a sum of possessions at home, home materials and parent’s education, and arranged in 15 levels.


See the paper by Shimada for data from Kenya.

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