The biological status is indicated for the plant genetic material covered by the GENESYS - Gateway to Genetic Resources (Actor Atlas link).
At the GENESYS website select DATA SUMMARIES/By Biological Status to see the possible options for this indicator, and the number of samples having the status)

Value Range

Possible values:

  • Unknown
  • Wild
  • Natural
  • Semi Natural/Wild
  • Weedy
  • Traditional cultivar/Landrace
  • Breeding/Research Material
  • Breeders Line
  • Synthetic population
  • Hybrid
  • Founder stock/base population
  • Inbred line
  • Segregating population
  • Mutant/genetic stock
  • Advanced/improved cultivar
  • Other


The seeds that have been scored according to this indicator are listed in the GENESYS database where also the countries of origin of the seeds can be found (select DATA SUMMARIES/By Source Countries). Note that most samples from Southern countries are held by institutes in the North.

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