Quality of internet access (bandwidth) ( BAA )

This indicator is proposed as an indicator for Sustainable Development Target 17.8 Fully operationalize the technology bank and science, technology and innovation capacity-building mechanism for least developed countries by 2017 and enhance the use of enabling technology, in particular information and communications technology

Value Range


Data are produced by national regulatory authorities or Information and Communication Technology Ministries, who collect the data from Internet Service Providers and/or wholesale Internet connectivity providers. For countries that do not provide the information, ITU estimates the indicator based on information provided by operators/ISPs, and based on subscription data. By 2014, data were available for about 200 economies.

ITU collects and reports on data for this indicator annually. By 2014, data were available for about 200 economies.

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The list of indicator proposals (as of 11 August 2015) used for the IAEG-SDG Open Consultation with Civil Society, Academia and Private Sector.

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