Actual primary expenditures per sector and revenues as a percentage of the original approved budget of the government ( BBB )

This indicator is proposed as an indicator for Sustainable Development Target 16.6 Develop effective, accountable and transparent institutions at all levels

Value Range


Data for 149 countries (collected on 398+ occasions) available at

PEFA Secretariat (World Bank); 149 countries

Linkages: This indicator is also relevant for targets: 1.3 (social protection), 3.8 (health coverage), 4.1 (education), 17.1 (domestic resources), 17.9 (capacity building), 17.13 (macroeconomic stability).

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The list of indicator proposals (as of 11 August 2015) used for the IAEG-SDG Open Consultation with Civil Society, Academia and Private Sector.

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