Emissions of greenhouse gases in agriculture (per hectare of land and per unit of output, separately for crop and livestock sectors). ( BBB )

This indicator is proposed as an indicator for Sustainable Development Target 02.4 By 2030, ensure sustainable food production systems and implement resilient agricultural practices that increase productivity and production, that help maintain ecosystems, that strengthen capacity for adaptation to climate change, extreme weather, drought, flooding and other disasters and that progressively improve land and soil quality.

Value Range


National Disaster Loss Databases, 85 (will be more than 115 by 2016)


Linkages: 15.3, 1.5, 13.1, 11.5, 14.2

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The list of indicator proposals (as of 11 August 2015) used for the IAEG-SDG Open Consultation with Civil Society, Academia and Private Sector.

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