This dictionary is to become a part of a global communications solution with systematized content commons that provide context for the use of open data and the monitoring and follow-up of development initiatives.

These content commons are a necessary enabler for the inclusive knowledge conversions and the implied social values envisioned by the Addis Ababa Action Agenda - III. Data, monitoring and follow-up, for instance as enabled by Convention on Knowledge Commons.

Low hurdle access to content commons and open data will facilitate sustainable development communications and enhance our capacities of collaborative diagnostics and collaborative therapeutics to yield mutual trust among, and sustainable development for all development stakeholders.

Knoema provides a World "open" data atlas that will allow us to make the discourse data-driven1.

There is a tutorial about the use of wikis by various knowledge workers at

Specific background and embedding information for this wiki is provided at

Enjoy your journey in a global partnership!

Call to Action

See the wikiworx mission and the Addis Ababa Action Agenda - III. Data, monitoring and follow-up.

Mission statement: Collaboratively develop and apply indicator definitions that are relevant to social, economic and environmental development. Provide these indicators and the collected data as systematized content commons in support of data collection, monitoring and follow-up for sustainable development.

Service proposition: A living dictionary with online definitions of indicators, and open access to indicator data, that matter to development initiatives of multiple stakeholders. Support the articulation of reusable content commons regarding indicators and open data, and capture and provide them in a way that facilitates their reuse.

Result frameworks

Instruments for measuring indicators

Indicator expertise of (international) organisations

#2030Agenda proposed indicators currently included

Indicators relevant to specific functions of government